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Motto:  We are part of the world & plan to see it for ourselves!



2015-2016 Several organizations are doing a great job participating in Community Service Events and Leadership Opportunities: Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy, McNair Travel Club, National Beta Club & National Honor Society.  These organizations are developing students to prepare them for higher education, more career options, and they address social issues.  Also view the "gofundme" page to see our progress or become a sponsor.  All donations are tax deductible & go toward student activities.  www.gofundme.com/mcnairtravelclub 

Special Thank You to the following Sponsors:

  1. Cynthia Bester (Sudo Bar & Grill)
  2. Sharron Grissom (MGBA Baseball)
  3. Kenneth Pressley (Tax Services)
  4. Angela Robinson
  5. Janain Thomas
  6. 100 Black Men of Dekalb County


2014-2015 The McNair Travel Club has increased its membership with more students, parents & volunteers who want to be a part of society!  A Big Thank You to all volunteers & sponsors who help students realize their dreams & reach their goals.

Mr. Tweedy, Dominique Johnson, Mr. Doc, Paula Edwards, Mr. & Mrs. Pastor Noel Sims all volunteered their time, shared their stories & inspired students.




2013- 2014 hosts many more community service opportunities and team building activities along with fundraisers, college tours, and a camping trip in Toccoa Falls.  Students will increase their writing skills by completing writing assignments that chronicle their experiences, and write letters to sponsors.

The 2012-2013 McNair Travel Club embarked on several excursions this school year.  Our focus was on leadership training, college tours, and a week in London.  Thank you for considering being a part of a great opportunity to give back to the community.  Our organization directly impacts the lives of the youth through educational travel excursions. 
In 2011-2012, the following people, organizations & business have recently helped us reach many of our goals.  Students visited colleges & universities in Washington DC,  Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, and Atlanta.  They also experienced an international tour of Costa Rica.  
  • Volunteers worked with us at the GA Dome
  • Offered tutorial assistance
  • Contributed to character building activities
  • Made financial donations
  • Donated resources
  • Helped Chaperone

This would not have been possible without  the support of:

  1. Demarius Hurt, volunteer
  2. James Harrell, Director of Tennis, Sugarcreek Golf & Tennis Center
  3. James Reese, Director of 5 Star Youth Alliance
  4. Jason Hughey, Site Visual Grafix
  5. Javita Mincey, former student
  6. Jeffrey Ferguson, volunteer
  7. Ken Pressley, Pressley Tax Services
  8. Ross Mincey, volunteer
    Congratulations to Michael for his hardwork & accomplish researching Costa Rica.  He truly deserves to receive his 17inch Hewlett Packard laptop.  Hopefully this will assist him in college as he joins other freshmen at William Penn in Iowa.

Costa Rica 2012 Online Journals

Help support our efforts by participating in our online fundraising drive below:

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 Thank you for your support!
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