Wednesday, June 10, 2015

McNair Travel Club & High Achievers Go Behind the Scenes at Disney World

Recently, members of the McNair Travel Club & High Achievers (Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy, Beta Club & National Honor Society) students participated in the Disney Youth Education Series.  The information-rich setting of the Disney Parks in Florida gave students a hands-on, educational adventure!  The programs are accredited, standards-based and designed to reinforce the classroom lessons.  The classes were at Epcot in the morning before the gates opened so there were no lines for the rides associated with the classes.

Leadership Strategies Class: Students practiced teamwork, critical thinking & problem-solving skills.  The well experienced, animated instructor taught four key basics; safety, courtesy, show & efficiency.  He also discussed the importance of communication, guest satisfaction, cast excellence, and business results.  "Who is your target market?"..."Everybody!  We want you to spend, spend, spend because you may not come back for a few years."  As stated by the Disney Cast Member.

Exploring Careers in Marine Biology:  They analyzed data from various animals, diagnosed the problem, and decided what best suits the animal based on the conditions.  Behind the scenes at the aquarium they witnessed trainers practicing techniques, viewed all the special diets, saw lots of equipment, and visited several interactive exhibits.  They asked lots of questions about the internships and careers at Disney World, and I hope a few of them participate in the near future!

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