Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Alvin Ailey Fieldtrip

     The Alvin Ailey Field Trip at the Fox Theater provides an insight into an intensive arts education program that brings dance into school classrooms and connects the study of dance to math curricula via time, space and their proportional relationship.  Dance movement includes all sorts of combinations of circles and lines.  As the dancers move through space, notice the arcs, circles, 360 degree turns, 180 degree scales, horizontal leaps, and vertical jumps.  Students get a glimpse of Geometry patterns in motion, Algebra problem solving skills with the changing of the set designs,  seating arrangements, and ticket sales.

  1. How educational was the experience?  What did you notice?
  2. Describe rhythmic movements.  What stands out the most?
  3. Would you like to experience a dance workshop?
  4. What contributions did Alvin Ailey make to society?
  5. Describe the different dance techniques taught by Alvin Ailey.
  6. How does the music effect the dance movements?
  7. What do the colors represent in the different scenes, and how do the costumes enhance the performance?
  8. What does timing have to do with anything?
  9. What significant events took place at the Fox Theater? Describe the event.
  10. What is the story behind the dance?
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