Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Georgia Aquarium Sparks Interest at McNair High

45 students recently visited the Georgia Aquarium for a self-guided tour where they got a chance to explore marine life.  For many of them this was their first opportunity to get up-close & personal with penguins, starfish, and a whale shark.  

Students returned with much enthusiasm, lots of questions & they proceeded to do more research.  Presentations included class participation, visits to other classrooms, 3D models, and a question/answer period.  Next time more students will attend and go behind the scenes.  View a few projects below...

  1. Click Here for Mariah, Shankerria, Deontae and Donteysha's Prezi
  2. Click Here for Antwan, Kiara, Lanadia, and Qadir's Prezi
  3. Click Here for KaTerra's Prezi
  4. Click Here for Antonio, Hakeem, Jaquez, and Travious' Prezi

Stay tuned for more student comments...see below:

Click Here for the Aquarium Photo Story

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