Friday, November 6, 2015

McNair High Achievers Making A Difference with Impact Projects!

Members of the Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy, McNair Travel Club, National Beta Club, and National Honor Society have started working on Impact Projects to make a difference in their school and community.  

Chick-Fil-A Leaders:  They surprised many of their teachers, parents & mentors with a gift card for a FREE grilled chicken sandwich.  They organized a hip-hop dance class for their peers.  They created "Dolls of Inspiration" out of yarn to give away at the homeless shelter that include positive messages.

Beta Club & National Honor Society:  Members led a Community Clean Up Day where they got other organizations to participate.  They collected trash along Bouldercrest Road and the perimeter of the school.  They collected items for the homeless shelter.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month:  Kiara Mahoney & Mariah Monk created presentations that allowed them to share prevention strategies while visiting classrooms for their peers.  Jaylin Simmons designed colorful buttons to wear.  All the organizations put together a workshop, went to a Candle Light Vigil, and attended a field trip.

Open the following links to see Photo Stories:

Click Here for the Domestic Violence Workshop Photo Story

Click Here for the Youth Violence Conference Photo Story

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