Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Horseback Riding in Atlanta

     Who knew that horseback riding was right around the corner?  The Covington Highway horse stables provided us a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoor elements while learning to ride.  Students turned into cowboys & cowgirls as they practiced guiding their horse in the right direction.  It was nice to see them gain confidence and relax enough & go beyond their comfort zone!

There is always time for a snack.

Tiara is a natural cowgirl!

Tekevya did a great job!

Forrest prepares the saddle & checks for safety.

Ms. Tobaben is a real cowgirl!

Forrest shows Sean how to properly handle the reins.

Pay Attention!

I'm not scared at all!

Tracia is almost ready to take off!

Ride'm Cowboy Jeff!

Happy Birthday Roxy.


Please, please can I take him home?

This pregnant horse is due any day now!

Welcome the new baby colt a few days later on schedule ;)

He is already walking & trying to run too...

Nice Job Carl...

I'm almost ready for the party!

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